About me

Benvenuti!Welcome to my personal blog!
I’m a thai, my name is Suchada Wapeekang-Gallian. I come from a farmers family so I grew up surrounded by rice paddy fields and green landscapes. My family is not rich; my parents had to work very hard to make a living , By the time I was small me and my two brothers and my youngest sister,  we were helping out by selling fruits , fish and vegetables. I am mindful of ways for making our lives better. 

“After graduating from the university  ( Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communications ),  
I didn’t set out to be an artisan or to create any jewelry  relating to social commentary but since I got married and moved to Italy  my life has changed completely. My last career was Airlines Business which totally different from what I am doing as an artisan. ( Artigiana in italian name). I know this isn’t easy, interest and dedication alone isn’t enough, so I asked my mother in law  how to create a basic handcrafted jewelry and in the sametime I  began studying books and I read success stories about famous designers, then I start to  developed my creativity and people started to review my work.

I set up my small workshop and started doing what I love most in my little studio at home. “My husband also inspires me.  I travel a lot with him to explore and sell my  jewelry in Locals  Artfais ( Mercatini Artigianato) in  many places in Veneto Region Northest of Italy.

I’m currently working as an artisan, photographer & studio coordinator in LoungeroomStudio based in northeast of Italy.

I hope you enjoy my artwork as am happy to create piece by piece &  looking forward to share my products with you!

Thank you for your visit!!

Grazie mille!!